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We are European people coming from 6 structures in 5 European countries (France, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Croatia). Our structures use social media and arts and culture.
We are currently working on a Grundtvig program: Pathways of Cultural Discoveries.
This program covers three types of audiences:
– Learners participating in various activities through the program including shows, artistic workshops, the edges of scenes, discussions, “backstage” (“collections” of expressions of learners participating and integrating in the creative projects)
– Professionals of the social sector: social workers, managers of social departments, and social mediators and all those working in access to culture that measure the impact of their creative practices within society
– Professionals of culture: artists in charge of the project (theatre company), managers, and cultural mediators.
Who are we?
1) Conseil Général de la Gironde (FR): Lead partner, coordinating project activity, organising Steering Group/Partnership meetings, sending reminders for tasks if necessary etc. Leading on analysing the impact of cultural projects on the target groups and territory
2) iddac (FR) : is the cultural agency of the department of the Gironde. Its action joins in lines of force and objectives defined by the General Council of the Gironde itself as a real approach of public cooperation in the service of the Girondist territories.
3) Maison de la Création (BE): leading on concrete cultural experiences with inhabitants (participative orchestra) and area, in collaboration with Croatia
4) CAPTURE (UK): leading on tools with practical art based creative tasks to encourage and increase the creative confidence of disadvantaged people
5) CITEMA (IT): leading on new economic and social innovative models in the field of the Crafts and Culture Sector
6) Cutural Center Dubrava (Croatia): leading on concrete cultural experiences (participative orchestra and theatre)

So what’s this project about ? Read the ABOUT PAGE !

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