This Grundtvig program intends to confront different kinds of experiences in countries that build cultural projects with a social purpose. We have started to compare our working methods, to share ideas about professional practices and above all to analyse and evaluate impacts on audiences, professionals and regional areas.  Tools for creativity – Edward de Bono thinking methods proposed by Capture (London) have been be introduced and transmitted during the UK seminar, March 2012.
 Other tools have been shared in other seminars. Involvement, evaluation and territorial development are the three main themes that will enable us to deepen our collective reflection, knowledge and exchanges and to have a critical view from a certain distance. Cetona (September 2012) was very specific : our partner Citema has to deal with a local context so different from big cities’ context. This difference reflects Europe’s fantastic diversity. Building action in a deep relationship with the inhabitants has been the subject of a common seminar in Brussels between the Belgians (Maison de la création) and the Croatians (Dubrava). The motto of this seminar was : “let’s try it on ourselves !”. This is the reason for which this seminar was mainly very practical. In Bordeaux (April 2013) a more theoretical approach will focus on new methods of thinking about the way to reach disadvantaged people in our regional areas and neighbourhoods, how to involve and engage local inhabitants with their diversity and how to transform a project from short to long term (this last aspect is quite challenging). This seminar will be organized by Conseil Général de Gironde and iddac.

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