Bordeaux Seminar, April 2013

On this page you can find useful information for the Bordeaux seminar.

Art and social work
Towards a sociological analysis
Gérard Creux, Le GRAIN asbl, 16th October 2012

Can artistic activities help social workers rediscover their enthusiasm for their profession? How do social workers make use of art? What do they hope to gain from these uses? Does art provide a form of escape? Can it provide a means of re-appropriating familiar codes to find new ways of connecting with service users?

This article is concerned specifically with the presence of ‘Art’ in the field of social work, and more precisely with the ways in which professionals in this field make use of art. What do they seek to gain from activities which might be classified as ‘tools’, and more broadly speaking what does this tell us about the evolution of contemporary social work? These are the key questions to which I shall attempt to offer some response.

Read here the full article in PDF : Art and social work


You will find some information here in French :  Texte de présentation du séminaire Grundtvig


Here is also a translation of Roland de Bodt’s address during Brussels seminar : Roland de Bodt_EN

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