CAPTURE : Creativity, innovation & learning
Capture develops and runs a wide variety of education courses, workshops and projects with schools, community groups and local people of all ages and backgrounds. Capture is an artist led not for profit company/Social Enterprise, delivering projects since 2000 and formally constituted in April 2005. Capture work with some of the most disadvantaged groups in London, we work in the third largest borough in London and based in an area that has some of the highest levels of poverty in England (bottom 10% in UK).
We are experienced in social research, programme development and the effective delivery of education and community projects. Capture are professional art education practitioners who have in total over 30 years experience of effective project delivery and management. We are accredited Edward de Bono practitioners and use de Bono thinking tools, an effective method of organising ones thinking, in the development of our projects and training programmes. Capture projects are designed to encourage and increase confidence in creative thinking, essential for innovation and problem solving and we give our participants the opportunity to learn transferable life skills within an art context. Over the past 4 years we have developed a unique training programme, the Capture System, which links Edward de Bono thinking tools with practical art based creative tasks to further lateral and divergent thinking in a simple to understand way with concrete results. Our primary aim is to equip people with whom we work with a set of practical tools that can be applied in any area of business or personal life.

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