CITEMA NGO are working in the cultural development of a rural area in Italy (Tuscany) it will be involved until October 2011 in the European project Sostenuto. This project aims to reinforce the cultural sector’s capacity for innovation within the Mediterranean zone, also accompanying its development towards new economic and social models. Within this frame, the project is testing innovative practices – incubator, cluster, LET System, new modes of territorial governance etc. within the cultural sector. In the frame of this project, CITEMA has developed a creative cluster bringing together enterprises in the arts and craft sector, in order to stimulate the development of their abilities and economic activities at a local level. Within this cluster, Citema has been notably developing contacts with the job centre and the educational structures of the area. Indeed, the craft sector is able to represent for the disadvantaged people leaving in the target area, mostly young people, a possible system and method of economic and social inclusion. The Job Centre of Montepulciano (one of the towns involved in the Sostenuto project) is part of a cluster developed by CITEMA. In the frame of the cluster CITEMA and the Job Centre are working together to promote the Craft Sector as a possible job sector for young unemployed people. On the one hand, as the Craft Sector is becoming a key employment priority, the Job Centre informs CITEMA of the possible financial supports for young unemployed people and for enterprises recruiting them and on the other hand CITEMA is disseminating this information amongst its own network of small enterprises and NGOs. CITEMA is therefore promoting and supporting the knowledge transfer from established craftspeople to young people as a key issue of local development. More generally, CITEMA is developing a network not only with the Cultural and Craft Sector but also with the agricultural sector and the education sector of the target area. The aim of such a network is to contribute to the life long learning process of inhabitants suffering extreme isolation due to their rural location, through the organisation of common debates and common meetings on social contextual subjects. Consequently, CITEMA is willing to share its experiences with other European cultural structures involved in such issues.

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