Conseil général de Gironde

The Conseil General of Gironde (Southwestern France) is a territorial collective from department on a juridical way, with an executive authority lead by Philippe Madrelle. 63 Conseillers Généraux are elected by universal suffrage. This is Gironde’s most important centre of administration (Aprox 6000 Civil Servants).
The department of Gironde covers the largest area in France: 63 cantons and 542 districts where 1430557000 people live (50% in rural areas).
The Conseil General has among its duties:
• Sanitary and Social Action (main competence)
• Culture
The Conseil General introduces policies in favour of sustainable development (Agenda 21), youth and citizenship. As regards to social action, the MDSI (Houses of Solidarity and Insertion) are local authorities of Conseil Général. Teams are composed of social workers, youth workers, secretaries and advisers for social and family economy. Responsible executives manage all these area. The primary team aims are promoting access to civil rights, fighting exclusion, encouraging youth protection and prevention and social local development. Within the framework of a local citizenship policy. The Conseil General de la Gironde set up in 2007 an action called PDC (Parcours de Découvertes Culturelles – Cultural Discoveries Pathways). The MDSIs control this project in their area in partnership with cultural and social partners. This action enables social and cultural workers to help people with social difficulties, (single-parent families, isolated and inactive people) gain access to cultural events; this helps to support social interaction, autonomy and integration. This action has involved 70 trainers and 390 learners (adults and children) in 12 urban and rural areas. The Conseil Général’s role will be coordinating the Grundtvig project. The steering committee will be composed of 2 departments, Culture and Social Action and the Institut Départemental de Développement des Actions Culturelles (IDDAC), the main cultural stakeholder of C.Général. The participants of the project will be the managers of those departments, social workers and cultural mediators.

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