Dubrava People’s University (DPU) was founded by the City of Zagreb in 1958. Its mission is lifelong learning and cultural diffusion. In terms of programme and human resources the DPU is amongst the biggest cultural institutions in the City of Zagreb, and in Croatia as a whole. DPU consists of several operational units dedicated to different artistic, socio-cultural and educational purposes: Events and Projects Centre, Visual Arts Centre, Children’s Theatre Dubrava, Centre for film and Video, Music Centre, Dance Centre, Traditional Croatian Culture Centre, Production Centre, Language Centre, Computing Centre, Programs for elderly people, Youth initiative, Regional and International cooperation. Based in Dubrava, a borough located in the eastern part of Zagreb, the DPU benefits from a rich multiethnic and multicultural community of 150,000 people. The majority of the programmes are brought to life locally. Each year up to 100,000 people across all age groups participate in the socio-cultural activities organised by the DPU. Out of these 1,800 participate in regular annual educational activities. It strives to engage the local population in various artistic, cultural and educational activities. Because of the social context in our district; a significant portion of the population with risk of social exclusion because of low education and social status, or because of other cultural and ethnic origins (immigrants from other parts of the former Yugoslavia, Rome population), their behaviour (young delinquents) or due to a variety of problems and issues caused by the war. DPU therefore develops various programmes for all disadvantaged people. Currently, DPU is conducting several programs that include disadvantaged people which we apply new methods in the field of social work and arts and culture as a vehicle for social change. We work with the following people: the elderly, young people and children. This project will be demonstrated programs for the application of new knowledge and experience gained within this EU project.
On a European level we organised in partnership with Maison de la Creation, partner from Belgium, a seven-day music and drama workshop (July 2010) with disadvantage people as part of the participants. Some members of the group were members of Music Ensemble Dizorkestra from Belgium, members of DPU Drama Studio, local musicians and artists from centre of Zagreb.

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