Maison de la création

La Maison de la Création – Bruxelles Cultural center, not a school or academy, there is no “course”or “teachers”, but many workshops and artists. Classes and workshops are conducted by professional artists wishing to submit their practices. La Maison de la création is a tool for local culture, working with the neighborhood in all its cultural diversity. La Maison de la création is open to the world and seeks to build bridges internationally. Located in the old station in Laeken (Brussels, Belgium), la Maison de la création is a cultural center recognized by the French Community of Belgium. Hosting artists in residence, helping to create, work in close partnership with neighborhood associations, among its areas of work. In close partnership with a group of highly professional artists involved, our goal is to make the link between artistic creation inits most innovative, demanding and (im) pertinent and children, parents, siblings, grandparents, young and old who live nearby, come from far away or are passing …We want to participate in open track to take in the pleasure of re-discovering its potential to create and nourish his imagination. It is in this spirit that the team is mobilized on a daily basis for organizing the art workshops, set up the Triptik monthly, keep on doing workshops on a regular basis.

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