partnership activities

London, February 29th – March 2nd 2012

The primary aim of the UK seminar was to introduce the participants to the creative thinking techniques developed and used by Capture Arts. We also wanted to share our methods of working around community engagement and creativity and learning. Key to the success of the seminar was the training of all the partners in the 6 Thinking Hats, a creative thinking system developed by Edward de Bono and The capture System, a thinking tool developed by Capture Arts. These systems underpin a lot of captureʼs projects both in the UK and Europe.
In total 23 EU participants attended the UK seminar.

Read more : report-grundtvig.lewisham2012pdf

Cetona, September 26th – 28th 2012

Citema’s work is deeply linked to the specificities of countryside. The seminar intended to analyze this specificities in comparison with urban contexts, and to understand better Citema’s innovative approach of promoting local arts and crafts.

Read the report of this seminar : report-grundtvig-cetona2012
ind here the speakers and stakeholders who took part in discussions during the seminar : speakers and stakeholders.

Brussels, December 5th – 7th

Co-organized by Belgian and Croatian partners this seminar included a theoratical approach with a lecture by Roland de Bodt, research director of the Cultural Policy Observatory of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, very practical workshops (Orchestra open to all, drama) and testimonies by important actors of socialy engaged cultural actions ( e.g. Zinneke Parade). Each activity that took place in this meeting was subject to a specific methods of evaluation.

Read the program of the seminar : Brussels seminar programme

And the final report : report-BXL

Be part of the seminar through visiting this slide show (click on pictures to start).

Bordeaux, April 24th – 26th

This final seminar will gather all inputs of the seminars and the important and continuous exchange views between the seminars. A substantial theoratical work will be on the loom during this seminar.

Read the program of the seminar (FR) : versionJanvier.bordeaux

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